FPAR Techno Long Sleeve T-Shirt

FORTY PERCENTS AGAINST RIGHTS has been slowly making it's way into stores outside of Japan and UNION LA is one of the first in the USA to start carrying the brand this season. The product offering has widened to a range of different graphic designs and products but the same identity is still carried throughout since it's start in 1993. 

A standout for me is this "Techno" long sleeve t-shirt featuring the brand name stylized to reference the "Matrix" series. The movies were definitive in shining light on the state of our global society and is just as in line with FPAR's mantra of anti-establishment and raising awareness of our surroundings and the media. The t-shirt is cut and sewn notably with shorter cuffs and brand labels on the edge of the hem as well as on the sleeve.

View the rest of FPAR's offerings on UNION LA featuring a slew of their classic expressive graphics on a variety of mediums.