SSENSE Interviews Designer Tim Coppens

Tim Coppens started his career at Antwerp’s Royal Academy before having stints at both Adidas and RLX, and he presently designs for his eponymous label in addition to Under Armour’s UAS sportswear division. This recent interview with SSENSE offers wisdom and insight into the design process and philosophies of someone I find to be one of the most interesting menswear designers today. Coppens emphasizes that both of his lines are accessible from a conceptual standpoint, and ruminates on the fact that in order to create the garments of the future, one must work within the structure of familiar design principles.  Being a true innovator, in Coppens eyes, is creating a garment “that is no longer the same, but still kind of looks and feels the same.. but making it unconventional enough that you feel there’s something special about the product.” This interview provides a window into the mind of one of the key designers who will aid us in the transitions of tomorrow. Read the full interview here.