Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s opens at Whitney Museum NYC

Fast Forward: Painting from the 1980s exhibit draws from the Whitney’s in house collection to showcase many of the seminal paintings that defined such an influential era.  The works of Basquiat, Levine, Salle, and Schnabel are to be displayed along with some of the lesser-known artists of the era, perhaps in a reflection the blurred boundaries of high and low art that 1980s wrought.  The Whitney highlights an era in which artists pushed convention within the structures of traditional figuration and historical painting, while also working to create expansive interpretations of abstraction.  Painting in the 1980s – the age of feminism, gentrification, war, and AIDS – was expressly making use of a classic artistic medium as a means of rebellion against the saturation of media in everyday life. When I think of the 1980s in New York City, I think of Patrick Bateman, Gordon Gecko and the clichés and stereotypes of the hyper-masculine neoliberal greed engine.  These themes and motifs are without a doubt extra relevant in Trump’s America, and have etched their way back into the collective consciousness of our time.  The window to understanding the zeitgeist of an era often lies in the art that era produces, and for this reason I consider attending Fast Forward to be essential viewing. 
Fast Forward Opens Jan 27th and shows through May 14th 2017.