Cav Empt Spring/Summer 2017 Video Lookbook

Cav Empt's odd and compelling seasonal videos have become a hallmark of the brand, and are something I look forward to every 6 months. Directed by Cieron Magat with creative direction by Ben Drury, the SS17 short film leans on UK rave culture while also giving a good look at the SS17 collection. While it's hard to categorize this or any of C.E's past films, music is always a centerpiece, and this season is no different, with a pounding track by The Trilogy Tapes signee EMG. i-D magazine spoke to Cav Empt co-founder Toby Feltwell, to learn more about the video. Read the interview below and visit C.E to check out the latest from their SS17 collection. 

Tell us a bit about the thinking for the film?
We'd heard the
track Mother Funk a while ago and thought we'd like to use it for the film. We discussed a few ideas, but we liked this idea of a staged, fake rave. We think it's a lot less serious than the last couple of videos we've done, which is a nice change.

The film harks back to the heyday of rave culture, is this what the collection was based around?
Not at all. The film is not intended to be ironic at all, but it is in a way.Cieron's great at capturing young people being themselves - and that's very genuine. We wouldn't want to attempt a false sense of authenticity - to try to pretend somehow that our clothes really belong in historical rave culture. That would be total bullshit, and that claim to authenticity is what marketing generally tries to do and it's boring and offensive. So, instead of that, we wanted to make something genuine, but inauthentic.

The video probably shows the clothes more directly than anything we've done for a few years. It's not so easy for us to be so direct. We're not interested in repeating ourselves though.

It was interesting to see girls in the mix this time around, was this a conscious decision?
It fits into the scenario... We're very happy with how the clothes look too, but we're honestly not thinking about targeting a whole new group of potential consumers!

In your opinion, what is a standout piece for spring/summer 17?
Of course, we like all of it. But, we haven't seen a piece of knitwear with a picture of a sim card wearing sportswear before.