Teiji Furuhashi: Lovers exhibit at MoMa New York City

Just over 20 years after the inaugural showing of Kyoto based Teiji Furuhashi's (1960-1995) Lovers, the MoMa in New York City has re-created his interactive exhibit on love and modernity.  Lovers is a work of conceptual art, completely immersive and manipulated by the specific spaces the viewer occupies within the giant room-sized multimedia installation.  MoMa’s two most important mandates when it comes to its collection are exhibition and preservation, and Museum’s conservators balance these brilliantly in their efforts to stay true to Furuhashi’s artistic sensibilities.  Furuhashi described his exhibit as a meditation on “the theme of contemporary love in an ultra romantic way,” and his work resonates deeply as the 21st century marches on.  Ultimately, I found Lovers to be provocative and stimulating on both aesthetic and moral levels.  Experiencing it, it touched me in a way that only truly great works of art can – I felt in touch with some of the fundamental questions and contradictions of the human condition.

Showing now until April 16th 2017.