First Look - Hancock AW17

British brand Hancock reimagine the classic vulcanised raincoat for another selection of clean and modern outerwear. Taking its name from English inventor Thomas Hancock, this cabinet-maker turned coach-builder originally developed his waterproof fabric to protect passengers riding his line of vehicles. In the early 1800s he began a research and experimentation process centered around rubber solutions, soon finding himself working alongside the legendary Charles Macintosh (the name behind the Mackintosh brand.) The duo would go on to develop their famous double textured fabric, creating the beautifully crisp and structured material still in use today. 

For AW17 Hancock continue to modify standard rainwear silhouettes, offering plenty for traditionalists while pushing more contemporary shapes. Prints return, the label reworking their Siphonia Elastica (rubber plant) print for a bold geometric pattern while new model, Article 67, introduces a rare vulcanised nylon in an oversized fit.  Classic double breasted mac models sit beside relaxed hooded cuts while a selection of padded down pieces offer an alternative to their standard fabrics, everything handmade and rain-ready as you'd expect.