CRUDE's artisanal take on the Jungle Boot

The Jungle / Combat boot is easily one my top 5 footwear silhouettes; a quick look in my closet would reveal a few pairs of beat Nike SFB's, vintage 8" Red Wing Supersoles and a pair of visvim® 7 holes. Originally developed during WWII to solve the issue of insufficient ventilation in swampy environments, the M-1942 canvas and rubber boot quickly became a standard issue for all military service men. The succeeding M-1945 model made from leather with mesh side panels and moisture draining eyelets used heavily through out the Vietnam war, is typically what we see contemporary brands referencing in today's market. This version by Canadian label CRUDE is one of the finer examples, handcrafted from Tuscan sourced, veg tanned Pig skin and suede panelling; they rest on lightweight and grooved foam soles by Vibram. The brand name is a little misleading, as there aren't any unrefined details on this boot, but they do recommend not to treat their products with any external care for desired results. Find them now along with other choice styles exclusively through HAVEN.