Showboat: Punk / Sex / Bodies

One of my favourite bookstores in New York, Dashwood Books, is releasing an interesting new photo book that takes a closer look at sex and sexuality in punk music from the early 1970's up to modern day. Uncovering a wide range of material including original posters, flyers, record covers and ephemera as well as notable contributions from Richard Prince, Linder Sterling, Amos Poe and many more, it is sure to be a good read.

Showboat: Punk/Sex/Bodies explores sex in punk and punk in sex. Punk is often thought of as an almost asexual movement, in part because of its charged aversion to romance (see Johnny Rotten’s notorious description of love as “2 minutes and 52 seconds of squelching noises”). Yet, its raw street sound triggered an exuberant, primal physical release among its youthful followers. For many punks, sex was used as a necessary shock tactic against the orthodoxies that held sway in conservative 1970s Britain.

You can pre-order the book now and if you happen to be in NYC, there will be a book signing on September 14th at Dashwood Books at the following address:

Dashwood Books
33 Bond Street
New York NY 10012