Ari Marcopoulos: Not Yet

Ari Marcopoulos is one of my favourite contemporary photographers, and I always look forward to seeing his new and unreleased photos. With a raw and intimate style, his work has been influential throughout various subcultures; from fashion, skateboarding, and hip hop to street photography and youth culture. After several smaller scale book and zine releases, Rizzoli has just released a comprehensive monograph of the artist's entire career, making for some perfect weekend reading. Available now at retailers including Rizzoli & Amazon

Ari Marcopoulos: Not Yet is an unprecedented journey through the artist’s celebrated career, from skateboarding and snowboarding to rural landscapes and cityscapes. This volume includes both iconic and never-before-published photographs from the 1980s to now. Each chapter is edited by a different celebrated artist or family member—all close to Marcopoulos—and it is through these personal reflections on the artist’s work that this monograph takes on a deeper level of intimacy, drawing a more complete portrait of his oeuvre.

Source: Jocks and Nerds