Lance Mountain Photo books by: Shin Okishima

When we sat down with Stussy Japan's brand director and photographer- Shin Okishima last summer, he revealed a few projects coming up in the pipeline that he was excited about. 

"I've been working on Lance Mountain's book. A book concerning his life, significant turning points, and certain stages in his life which have shaped him into who he is now. It will cover a selection of his artwork, photography and scrap books to date. Of course it also highlight the skate legends that influenced him. The book is fundamentally a documentation of the world witnessed through his eyes. It becomes something that links one generation with the next; rather than self promotion, the book's purpose is to support the people who've been with him throughout the years."

Produced by Shin and art directed by Lance, the 2 hardcover photo books titled " On my Wall" & "Coffee Tables" document paintings of skateboard magazine photos that were taped to his wall during 1977-1982 and a collection of iconic pool skated past & present reproduced as model coffee tables built over his years as a pro skater. Available in limited editions of 1000 / title at Stussy's online general store.

Read more on our in-depth conversation with Shin Okishima in issue 01 of intelligence Magazine.