ANDlight PIPELINE Series by Caine Heintzmen

I've watched the guys from Vancouver, BC based ANDlight grow from strength to strength in the past couple years. They've really found their stride with a selection of their signature lighting designed by both Lukas Peet and Caine Heintzmen. I'm particularly drawn to the LED PIPELINE series from Caine Heintzmen. The modern, clean lines of the PIPELINE series are minimal and sleek fitting in perfectly with my personal design aesthetic. They can also have virtually an unlimited number of configurations with their unique connection design allowing multiple segments to be joined together, enabling the user to choose the orientation, direction and overall layout of the light fixture that suits their needs in relation to their space. The PIPELINE series can be ordered as the 125, 40, CM5, CM4, CM3, CM2 or a custom combination of your liking with colour options Matte Black, White, Silver, and Copper as well.

Look for our feature on ANDlight in issue 03 of intelligence Magazine, releasing soon.