Golden Bear x Garbstore Stadium Jacket

I have always been a fan of the classic American "Stadium Jacket". The popularity of the mid-century sportswear silhouette seems to wax and wane from season to season, but I think it's safe to say that the decades old style is here to stay. London retailer, Garbstore recently teamed up with San Francisco based Golden Bear, a manufacturer that has been in business since the 1920's and is widely regarded as the standard bearer for high quality American made sportswear jackets. Offered in either a two-tone Blue/Green and tri-tone Yellow/Green/Navy the jackets are well suited for fall in both colour and design. My favorite detail of the jacket has to be the asymettrical leather arrow pocket with chain zip that immediately reminded me of Needles Sportswear or Engineered Garments. Find these now exclusively from Garbstore.