visvim® explores the traditional Japanese technique of Chusen dyeing

visvim® continues to build it's insightful 'Dissertations' section with the new 'Survey' series, devoted to examine and inspect the things, people, places, or cultures that inspire their daily work of making products. The first in the series explores "Chusen" a traditional pouring dye technique.

"The chusen dyeing technique was developed in Osaka during the Meiji period, and was passed down to artisans in Hamamatsu. The technique initially spread as a means of dyeing tenugui, or traditional Japanese hand towels, but after the Great Kanto earthquake of Taisho 12 (1923), many artisans involved in the manufacturing of yukata (informal cotton kimono) who lived in the Tokyo Metropolitan area moved to Enshu (the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture), which prompted an increase in the creation of hand-dyed yukata using the chusen technique"

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