NVy by Daisuke Obana

For the recent seasons I have been obsessed with the colour blue, from washed out indigo to deep navy blue, I can't seem to get enough of it. It seems that this might be the case with N.HOOLYWOOD's Daisuke Obana as well. Utilizing specially made textiles from advanced fabric manufacturers - KOMATSU SEIREN, Mister Hollywood creates a small capsule consisting of outerwear, T-shirts, bottoms, and a pair of slip-on Vans. Inspired by military staples, the outerwear includes a MA-1, Liner Jacket, and N-3B silhouettes. Focusing on the monochromatic theme of "Navy Blue" all item can be worn together for a tonal contrasted outfit; additionally the Vans consist of taping detail for further tonal contrast. Available starting July 29th at UNITED ARROWS & SONS.