BLK PINE WORKSHOP x Danner Washougal Boots

Normally known for their high-performance GORE-TEX®, which I cannot brave a Canadian weather without; Danner collaborates with fellow Seattle based creative workshop - BLK PINE WORKSHOP for a more heritage inspired iteration of their signature silhouette. With the popularity of vegetable tanned leather treatment at an all time peak brought on by Hender Scheme's recent acclaim; the collaborative boots features the neutral coloured leather as its majority accented with American made duck canvas. These boots will definitely stand the test of time while accumulating a beautiful patina. Another interesting aspect of this project to me, is that while the boots are named after the Washington city of Washougal (loosely based on the Native American word for "Rushing Water") and the collaborative effort is between Washington based entities, they chose the construction to be hand made in Danner's Japanese factory (established almost a quarter century ago); the best of Americana and Japanese craftsmanship. I would love to get my hands on a pair of these to beat-up from SURPLUS+ or Stumptown Boots & Recrafting.