Hender Scheme Samidare

Over the span of the past few seasons, Hender Scheme has managed to take artisanal level footwear making to the mainstream with currently over 40 retailers outside of Japan. Founder Ryo Kashiwazaki struck a chord within streetwear circles with his refined approach to bootlegging classic sneaker and trainer silhouettes as part of the Hommage line, but his series of formal and contemporary footwear are still relatively unknown overseas.

Named after the Japanese word meaning early summer rain- the Samidare is a 2 in 1 hiker boot and oxford shoe featuring a detachable and waterproof treated pigskin cover. At first glance it's a weird looking shoe, but i'll admit after seeing a pair in person and trying them on- the design has grown on me and they're actually pretty comfortable. I'd get a lot of wear alone out of the naked, chunky soled black oxford to warrant copping, so the water-beading pig suede would be bonus material; I wonder if you could order a mixed colour combo from HS, as I'm really feeling the grey suede, but couldn't get away with rocking a white oxford shoe. So far I've only seen these available at HAVEN and END, so you could image the rarity of this model if they decide to discontinue it moving forward.