STOOPS at House of Vans

In celebration of Vans' 50th Anniversary, Toronto played host to a temporary "House of Vans" space. Entitled "STOOPS" the concept of the exhibit was interestingly inspired by the curator - Lyndsey Westfall's memories of hanging out on the front stoops (stairs) of a local skate shop. Becoming a sort of hub where local artists and creatives met; the installation aims to recreate a similar atmosphere encouraging visitors to sit at the stoops in front of the artwork to hang out. Featuring a number of local artists including some of our friends, the installations will remain at the "House of Vans" throughout the festivities ending on April 2nd. Be sure to check out the art and skate facilities before its gone. 


Allister Lee
Lia Lepre
Dennis Chow
Robin Nishio
Aaron Wynia
Jeff Comber
Tobin Reid
Ryan Allan
Reilly Hodgson
Virgil Baruchel
Trevor Wheatley
Cosmo Dean

House of Vans

950 Dupont St, M6H 1Z2
Toronto, ON

Photography: Jefford Lam