visvim® | Product Introspection: Kasezome

Indigo has long been a cornerstone of visvim® garments. While many past collections have predominantly featured natural dye, their latest dissertation takes a look at the intricacies involved in using synthetic dye via the traditional Kasezome method: "We are employing a kasezome hand-dyeing technique, which is extrememly time and effort intensive, in order to create richly colored fabrics that can proudly stand side-by-side with fabrics dyed in natural indigo. Of course simply hand-dyeing something does not automatically make it good. It is crucial to have a deep knowledge of indigo, and years of accumulated experience. Synthetic indigo was originally meant to be quick-dyeing and even - typically considered to be desirable traits - but we thought it'd be interesting to use the dye to an opposite effect. This is an idea that didn't exist before in the world of indigo dyeing." . Take a closer look at the Product Introspection: Kasezome and SS16 collection at