WTAPS Tour JK / Jacket. Nywo. Satin

The Souvenir or Yokosuka Jacket has been steadily gaining in popularity for a few seasons now. Most often made from high sheen rayon or silk with intricate embroidery the style is undoubtedly impressive, but this can also make it hard to wear on a regular basis or work into a wardrobe. WTAPS offers a nice alternative this season with the Tour Jacket. Both jackets served as a souvenir for GI's returning home from war but while Yokosuka jackets trace their origins to the WWII American occupation of Japan, the Tour Jacket is a model associated with the Vietnamese war and differs in design with a simple workwear style collared design, rather than the Yokosuka's bomber style.  WTAPS makes theirs from luxurious nylon/wool blend and features custom WTAPS embroidery at the chest and back. Find the jacket now from HAVEN