visvim® Crewneck Sweater N.D | Naturally Dyed with Mud, Indigo & Cochineal

visvim® has recently released a trio of understated knit sweaters utilizing labour intensive natural dyes and homespun knitting techniques. What on first glance appear to be fairly run of the mill sweaters are actually an impressive display of what make's visvim garments stand out from others as high quality contemporary products laced with centuries of cultural traditions and craftsmanship.

Starting from the yarn the fibre will undergo one of three natural dyes: Indigo, one of visvim's most iconic dye's, has it's roots deep in Japanese culture being used for centuries in traditional attire and homewares. Hiroki Nakamura has been instrumental in the resurgence of indigo dyed goods and techniques and the deep blue creations continue to be a highlight of his seasonal collections across everything from denim, shirting, uterwear and accessories. Mud dye also has a long history in Japan, known as Dorozome the process dates back some 1300 years. The deep brown shade is created from a reaction between pigments in plant extract and naturally occurring iron in mud. Finally, a vibrant red is created from carminic acid, a pigment extracted from cochineal insects. This dye has been used for centuries in South America and Mexico for colouring traditional woven rugs, tapestries, and clothing.

Once the yarns are dyed they are then homespun giving the sweaters a bumpy, uneven character that is impossible to find in mass-produced goods. More information about visvim's unique crafstmanship, techniques, and inspiration can be found in their Dissertation series.