BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKERS "Busher" Double Riders Jacket FD

When I was in highschool and just finding out about Japanese fashion and menswear, Bedwin & the Heartbreakers stood out to me right away. The style of the clothing, the branding, and the refined aesthetic brought a new light to the way I viewed fashion in general. Being in highschool and all, I could never afford the prices of Japanese designer brands but as I got older, got a job, and saved up money, I'd treat myself to a piece or two every time the end of season sales rolled around. One thing I could never muster the cash to fork over for would be a leather jacket by Bedwin. To me, the quality and cut the designers over there have perfected is the absolute pinnacle of what a leather jacket could be. Bedwin has re-released the ever popular "Busher" model of their rider jacket souped up to the max in an amazingly smooth yet durable sheep leather featuring a multitude of bold silver zippers and comes equipped with diamond quilted lining. 

The "Busher" Double Riders Jacket comes in black as well as a deep electric blue which I'm also very fond of. The classic black version is currently available through HAVEN for $2240 CAD.