NEIGHBORHOOD Horsehide & Shearling B-3 Jacket

Another iconic outerwear silhouette - the military flight B-3 Jacket gets a premium update courtesy of Shin Takizawa's NEIGHBORHOOD. Developed during the second world war by the United Kingdom to meet the strict demands of fighter pilots during high altitude expeditions, the TYPE-3 Shearling bomber quickly succeeded the leather only A-2 and A-4's that preceded it. NEIGHBORHOOD's rendition stays relatively true to the original, with the exception of hardwearing horsehide construction and a slimmed down fit. Genuine shearling lines the piece, while a single collar strap, adjustable waist cinches and seam hand pockets round out the details. I'd love to see how an item like this would wear and age over prolonged use; if you can fork out the almost $3,000 CAD price tag, visit HAVEN as it becomes available this weekend.