Mackintosh Appoints Kiko Kostadinov as Creative Director of New Mackintosh 0001 Line

Exciting news from London as newcomer Kiko Kostodanov is appointed Creative Director of Mackintosh 0001. Known for their luxurious and functional rubberized outerwear, the brand has been in production for over 100 years and has a rich heritage of high-quality Scottish made craftsmanship. Acquired in 2007 by a Japanese firm, the appointment will see Mackintosh diversify its offerings from the traditional and heritage garments they have long been known for into the world of designer fashion. Though details are limited, the 0001 line will be contemporary and forward-looking, combining Kostadinov's utilitarian aesthetic and cutting edge pattern cutting with Mackintosh's premium textiles and rich history. Sure to be a very busy year for Kostadinov, Mackintosh 0001 will be debuting in January at Paris Fashion Week while his eponymous label will be on display at London Collections MAN, also taking place in January. To learn more about Kiko Kostadinov pick up Issue 03 of intelligence for an in-depth interview at his London studio.

Photo: Tom Fletcher