Arc'teryx LEAF Tactical Cold Weather Gloves



Winter has officially landed and, as usual, I find myself unprepared for the frigid temperatures and regular snowfall. While it's easy to blow your winter budget on jackets, putting aside a few dollars for a proper set of gloves will make the 4 to 6 months of the year a whole lot more comfortable. In the past, I have tried everything from cheap acrylic to higher end leather and fingerless knit wool gloves and all have ultimately left my hands cold at some point. The search for the ultimate in no-frills functionality led me unsurprisingly to Arc'teryx and more specifically to their LEAF program.

Standing for Law Enforcement & Armed Forces, LEAF offers a full range of apparel, gear, and accessories that are purpose built for the extreme conditions faced by military and law enforcement personnel, where failure is not an option. Along with Veilance, the LEAF program represents the pinnacle of Arc'teryx's technical prowess. The collection of four gloves ranges from light to warm insulation and are outfitted with GORE® membranes, washable goat leather palms, and Primaloft® insulation. Both the LT and AR gloves look like the perfect compromise between warmth and low-bulk wearability and are likely to be durable enough to last you at least a few seasons. To find a stockist or learn more about Arc'teryx LEAF you can visit their website HERE.