Reversible Souvenir Jackets by KAPITAL

Like the denim trucker, leather rider and MA-1 jackets, the souvenir is one of those iconic silhouettes that will never go out of style. We've seen a resurgence in them through the past few seasons, and countless options now saturate the market and range from the very high end to ones geared more to the masses. I managed to score a vintage Japanese version from the WWII era, but it didn't come cheap and the search for the right one had me obsessed for longer than I'd like to admit.

Originally made from silk salvaged from parachutes after the conflict, the Yokusuka or Sukajan for short, became a popular item that servicemen brought back to America for themselves or family and friends as gifts; hence the souvenir moniker. Aside from the true vintage ones, KAPITAL makes some of the most eye catching and quality iterations in my opinion. These reversible renditions feature rayon and silk finishes with velour linings and intricate embroidery that are nothing short of stunning. They come part of KAPITAL's "KOUNTRY" category - which boast one-off detailing, hand applied techniques and small production runs making each item highly sought after. If you aren't able to source a vintage one for yourself, these are the next best options. Available now from Mr. Porter. 

To learn more about the history of KAPTIAL and it's family run operations, pick up a copy of intelligence Magazine issue 03  featuring our in-depth interview with designer Kiro Hirata.