visvim® Dissertations | Kutani Ware for little cloud coffee

For their latest Dissertation, visvim® visits Kutani Ware potters in the western Japanese city of Kanazawa. Makers of visvim's litttle cloud coffee porcelain drippers and mugs, the kiln was established in 1870 and has a rich tradition of Kutani Kosen porcelain manufacturing. Check out the video for a mesmerizing look at the process of throwing and hand painting, and view the full Dissertation at visvim®.

To this day, all aspects of the manufacturing process, ranging from the wheel-type molding, glazing, firing, and overglaze painting processes, are done by hand using this kiln. One can truly feel the relevance of the tradition behind the craft from the skillful techniques of the potters who carefully shape the ceramics on their pottery wheels as well as the beautiful brushwork of the artists who create detailed patterns and realistic images on each piece.