Sasquatchfabrix. Military Sakiori Haori

Pieces like these were originally crafted from old, tattered and worn garments by peasant families as a means to stay clothed during tough times throughout the Edo era - when the price of cotton spiked dramatically. As a result, sakiori weaving became a popular pastime & trade and offered repurposed clothing that were durable, warm and soft due to their beaten texture. Sasquatchfabrix. is a brand that embodies a unique balance of trad and new, and with this garment they've managed to re-introduce this century old technique to a contemporary fashion platform which is visually stunning and luxe, yet pays homage to the cultural adversities that inform it. This is one of those rare items you'll come across that is equal parts art piece and functional garment, available now at HAVEN, alongside the latest from the brand's AW16 "Oriental is a Counterculture" collection.