I am always mildly surprised at how many Japanese brands have been operating for a decade plus and consistently put out some of the most creative and well crafted product but still manage to remain under the radar. WACKO MARIA is one of these brands for me and has been gaining more exposure outside of Japan in the last couple years for their one of a kind take on 50's Americana funk and rockabilly style. Recent joint projects with well known North American artists include a capsule collection with NECKFACE as well as a photobook shot by Larry Clark.

With that said, the strongest and most unique collaborations still happen at home and for another season, WACKO MARIA and WOLF'S HEAD have come together. A custom souvenir shirt, 50's long sleeve shirt, and Vietnam jacket will be released this fall/winter with sly, multicoloured graphics of demons and flames that are signature of WOLF'S HEAD. The phrases 天国 and "Tengoku" which translate to "Heaven" and "Paradise" are themes frequently recurring in WACKO MARIA and create a clever contrast between both brands.

The Vietnam jacket comes in two styles and retails at 81,000円 while both the souvenir and 50's shirt go for 37,800円 and come in three colours. The full mini capsule is currently available for purchase now on WACKO MARIA's online store.