William Gibson X Buzz Rickson MA-1

Self Edge has recently received a re-stock of the all black William Gibson X Buzz Rickson MA-1 flight jacket. Now in production by Buzz Rickson's for over 10 years, the jacket is not your typical collaboration piece and the story behind its creation is quite unusual.

An avid fan of high-quality Japanese garments, legendary sci-fi author William Gibson has made a habit of outfitting his characters with a unique and specific sense of style. In his 2003 novel Pattern Recognition, the books central character, Cayce Pollard is an advertising consultant with a somewhat ironic aversion to corporate branding. This aversion manifests itself in Cayce wearing all black and going to great lengths to remove any exterior branding from her wardrobe which includes black Levi's® and knock-off G-SHOCK watch. Central to her covert, anti-fashion, sense of style is an all black, Buzz Rickson's MA-1 bomber. It was not until after the book was written that Gibson realized that Rickson's—specializing in the most faithful and meticulously detailed military re-productions— did not actually produce a black MA-1, as it was never made by the United States Air Force. You can imagine Gibson's surprise when in 2004 the company contacted him wanting to make a special collection that would carry his name. 

Made with the same attention to detail as their reproduction garments, the jacket is made from black, vintage-spec, high-density nylon twill and features heavy duty crown zips that have had their logos removed. The jacket was also re-worked to better fit North American body types and Gibson himself, and therefore features a longer length and slightly slimmer tailoring. The limited edition jacket is made in very small numbers and often sells out quickly. Find it now from Self-Edge.