I'm always on the lookout for high quality and interesting eyewear, whether it be new or vintage. On a recent trip I discovered a Japanese brand I had never seen before- MASAHIRO MARUYAMA. The frames offer a striking appearance and are entirely asymmetrical with sharp and somewhat jagged lines, borne out of a hand-drawn design process and designer Masahiro Maruyama's consistent questioning of the concept of perfection. The extensive collection includes acetate and metal frames as well as unique hybrid frames that overlay acetate on-top of metal. Other mind-boggling pairs include floating lenses and a pair of sunglasses with split lenses that are sure to confuse your optometrist and have 3 different tints.

Aside from unique appearance, the construction and quality is also top-notch, made by craftsman in Sabae—a city renowned for eyewear manufacturing—using traditional techniques which cannot be imitated by mass-produced frames. Read more on MASAHIRO MARUYAMA and find stockist information via the brands website.