blackmeans For HAVEN | Vintage Finish Sheepskin Riders capsule

The Burakumin were a band of outsiders placed at the very bottom of the social hierarchy during feudal Japan. Ostracized for their "unsavoury" occupations as executioners, slaughterhouse butchers and leather tanners, they were forced to live in the ghettos and outskirts of affluent communities. Yujiro Komatsu, Takatomo and Masatomo Ariga have since reclaimed the word Burakumin along with all its connotations and have gone as far as naming their leather brand -  blackmeans for its similar pronunciation.

Though still under-rated and relatively unknown outside of Japan, blackmeans is responsible for making some of the best leather pieces for WTAPS, visvim®, UNDERCOVER and Sasquatchfabrix.. This season, HAVEN teamed up with the trio for a special capsule of highly distressed and customized sheepskin rider jackets. The patinas and studded work are impressive and all achieved through hand and DIY techniques lending an aesthetic thats tough to set apart from true vintage pieces. Both styles come with lightly quilted linings so you can wear them through the nippy autumn months and layered over a tee once spring comes around. Available now exclusively through HAVEN with only a couple sizes left.