NEXUSVII x DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN X Porter Yoshida & Co. 'Monster Parka'

NEXUSVII has been celebrating their 15th anniversary this year with ongoing collaborative projects. The latest release is alongside DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN & Porter Yoshida & Co for a contemporary take on the US Marine Corp 'Monster Parka'. The seventh level of the ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System)" the Monster Parka was originally built as a warm and oversized outer-layer to be worn over a pack and multiple other layers.

The NEXUSVII version re-imagines the parka with slim contemporary tailoring, premium goose down and is available in black and olive drab rather than standard issue tan. Porter Yoshida lends their expertise with detachable snap-in pouches found in the high-vis orange lined interior. Available at NEXUSVII.

Source: houyhnhnm