Hiroki Nakamura on Modernizing the Moccasin

I was recently browsing the visvim® website and came across a short, but interesting feature about the brand's philosophy on modernizing moccasins. Most people think of the FBT when they think of visvim®, but in fact, the brand has successfully brought their own modern take on a large variety of moccasin styles, including the new Huron Mesh Folk, Voyageur Moc-Folk, and Maliseet-Folk to name a few.

"Traditional moccasins are very special, but it is quite obvious that the environment and lifestyle of a modern man differs from that of Native Americans. With that in mind, I wanted to make a sturdy moccasin suitable for daily use on pavement, which uses a durable polyurethane rubber to counter hydrolysis. The sole features a natural bend and the upper, a single leather piece. The moccasin stitch is done completely by hand, with the use of a wooden last. By not finishing the vamp with a machine stitch, subtle variations can be found as the hand stitch finish yields an uneven tension, which gives the “face” of each shoe a unique expression or appearance."

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source: visvim.tv