A rare interview with Junya Watanabe

The New York Times and Alexander Fury we're recently granted a rare interview with the notoriously reclusive Junya Watanabe. Though the interview focuses mostly on his women's collections, any insight into the legendary designer is a treat. Find some quotes from the interview below and read the full interview now online at The New York Times.
“There’s nothing in particular that made me want to start fashion and create clothes. But if I were to mention something, it would be the fact that my mother used to have a little made-­to-­order shop. That may have been an influence.”

“I was drawn to the fact that designers before Miyake, like Dior and big names, would create clothes that were form­fitting,” he says. “Issey totally changed the idea, completely different, and that impact was profound on me. Of making me want to create something, the idea of clothing much different from previous designers.”

“I start to look for strings of ideas that interest me. From then, I put my ideas to words. I work alongside my pattern makers, trying to put my words into creating and actually seeing it come to life. Photographs, artist’s work, anything that may seem relatable to what I am speaking about,”