Robin Nishio | WAILED

Robin Nishio represents a unique class of visual artist- those whom are adept in digital media and exhibit equal versatility working in more traditional means with a hands on approach. A director at Toronto's Common Good Collective, Nishio's fixed appetite for cognition has him currently working across a varied range of disciplines; with professional credits in illustration, film, creative direction, photography and graphic design. 

His latest work, and debut foray into publishing takes the form of an intimate photobook chronicling his travels with a group of alternative comic book artists. Tited "WAILED", the 80 page soft cover showcases digitally captured images in high contrast, grainy black & white. Nishio explains that this is an exploration of how any photographer starts out exploring the world through a camera lens - by taking photos of their friends. When asked about the title of his book, this was his response :

" 'WAILED' is slang, and comes from what our crew of friends refers to as getting wasted or going hard like, “I went out and got Wailed last night.” I also seem to remember as a child kids using it to refer to beating someone up. Like “I really wailed on that kids shoulder at recess.” It seemed an appropriate title for the book as it’s catchy, somewhat esoteric, while simultaneously being personal to our group of friends".

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