Kiko Kostadinov Reversible Chemical Jacket

After a couple seasons of being available exclusively at Dover Street Market, Kiko Kostadinov's eponymous label is finally making its way to other retailers such as SSENSE. A favourite from the first fall delivery is this 'Reversible Chemical Jacket'. Made in the UK, the jacket incorporates subtle workwear elements and highlights Kostadinov's clean, three-dimensional tailoring. Other unique details are seen in a snap rear hem and a detachable snap pouch– a detail that is found throughout the collection. Find this and other items from the Fall / Winter collection from SSENSE

Stone Island Nylon Panama Helmet Bags

Stone Island offers a new line of tech infused carrying solutions this season. What sets this option above apart from the rest of the collection is its capability of being used in 3 different ways; a hand carry tote, shoulder bag and backpack. This time around, Stone Island employs its proprietary reflective nylon textile for use along the exterior, while water proof zips and highly durable ballistic nylon composes the rest. Perfect as a day bag, or for use as a secondary travel bag, I imagine you would get a lot of use out of it. Find it now in Khaki and Black at HAVEN

KangHee Kim's Escapist Photographic Collages

A delicate balance of urban and rural should find itself in everyone’s life. The city provides energy and community, while nature offers rest and repose. For most of us, being out in nature doesn’t have the time to cross one’s mind. KangHee Kim uses her surreal photographs as a means to escape the concentrated urban landscape she finds herself confined to. Rebecca Fulleylove from It’s Nice That sits with Kim to discuss her series, “Street Errands”. Thanks to an involute visa status situation, Kim creates collaged photographs of scenes from New York juxtaposed with the attractive landscapes outside of it. Kim notes that in “creating surrealist and fictional imagery allows [her] to feel a bit liberated from the complications”. A studied painter and intuitive photographer, Kim’s work reflects a feeling of dreamy yearning as she responds directly to her surroundings.

Levi's® Japan Revives its Silver Tab® Line

Levi's® Japanese division has just announced that it will be re-introducing its Silver Tab® collection. Originally launched in 1988, Silver Tab was Levi's' response to the growing trend towards baggy and washed out denim brought on by the grunge and hip-hop movements of the late 80's and early 90's. Unsurprisingly, the baggy trend has recently gone full circle, making it the perfect time to re-introduce the sub-line and tell another side of Levi's extensive history. Consisting of three pant silhouettes and a duo of graphic tees, the small collection will be available in Japan starting July 28th, and will hopefully be rolled out globally later. 

For more about Levi's read our interview with Levi's® Vintage Clothing designer Paul O'Neill in Issue 04 of intelligence. 

Source: Mastered

World Building of the Year Shortlist | Vo Trong Nghia’s Atlas Hoi An Hotel

In anticipation of the World Architecture Festival this fall, the festival recently released its shortlist for the World Building of the Year awards. The awards recognize architectural designs from 68 countries within 30 categories, spotlighting innovation in both completed buildings and conceptual projects. One of the standouts in this list is Vietnam-based Vo Trong Nghia’s completed design for Atlas Hoi An Hotel in Hoi An’s Old Town.  Anchored by a wall of concrete planters from which greenery overflows, the hotel’s 48 suites look out on to the plants from every bedroom and bathroom window. Not only do the planters provide natural shade and ventilation for the corridors within, they also call back to the secluded courtyards characteristic to Hoi An. By drawing on the town’s architectural history and its interplay of inner and outer space, Vo’s design offers a serene charm to the chaos and dynamism of commerce that increasingly envelops it.

The World Architecture Festival and the World Building of the Year awards take place 15 – 17 November 2017 in Berlin.

Source: Dezeen

NEXUSVII x Porter “Personal Effects Bag”

Collaborations between NEXUSVII and Porter never disappoint, and their latest offering might be one of their best to date. Made by Porter exclusively for NEXUSVII, the “Personal Effects Bag” draws inspiration directly from vintage bags used to store the belongings of deceased military personnel. While NEXUSVII has also received the original vintage bags in their VEL retail shop, the collaborative iteration with Porter is a subtle improvement. Utilizing the classic Porter “Tanker” nylon construction and look while keeping the original shape and interior military tag intact, this compact bag manages to be both utilitarian and refined.

The bag is now available on the NEXUSVII online shop while supplies last.

Hender Scheme 'Jung' Footwear

Hender Scheme's Fall/Winter collection has started to land at select shops such as COVERCHORD. While the brands 'Homage' line continues to draw both excitement and ire, I find myself more often drawn to their odd takes on traditional footwear such as this recently released 'Jung'. Made from smooth cowhide, the shoe features a slip-on design and subtle brogue toe detail reminiscent of cowboy boots. By using the Blake/McKay sole construction method the shoe is able to retain a slimmer profile compared to traditional goodyear welt construction, and can still be re-soled and worn for decades. Available from COVERCHORD.

Inside San Diego's Bobertz House

Innovative architect Craig Ellwood created his only San Diego project, the Bobertz House in 1953. Having recently gone on sale, Esoteric Survey took a peek and shared the iconic home’s history. Current owners Keith and Jessica York have striven to keep the authentic charm of the house. Originally commissioned by Gerry and Charles Bobertz, the artsy young couple sought out Ellwood for his use of minimal steel-and-glass designs. The Bobertz’s distinctive style and character was lost over the years, as it changed owners and underwent updates. The York’s employed extensive renovations to return the home to its former lustre. What’s more, they have filled the home with original modernist furniture and artwork which reflects earlier characteristics of the home. The Bobertz House has been recreated as a living museum, entreating the achronistic modernity of the home in its current contemporary state.

intelligence Magazine gets a "behind the scenes" look into retaW

With its name derived from the main constituent making up our planet and virtually all living inhabitants on it, retaW aims to be an all encompassing lifestyle brand for all the moments in one's life to "to fill each moment with life coloured in scent." 

Travelling through the prefecture of Saitama; just north of Tokyo and then back to Harajuku, our editorial team had the opportunity to get a first hand look at how the retaW apothecary line is created. We spoke with their team on how the label was first incepted, it's ties to streetwear culture and the rigorous methods that must be adhered to when dealing with product of this nature. 

"Since it concerns something being applied to your skin, there can really be no room for error. It has to be safe and it has to be very regulated and regimented. We obviously have to go through the same procedures to make sure it’s safe for the market, but at the same time we don't want to give a sterile and clinical image. We adhere to all these regulations but we want to remind the customer that we want them to have fun."

Read the full interview now online and in issue 04 of intelligence Magazine, on newsstands worldwide. 


uniform experiment 2017-2018 A/W VIDEO

Lookbook videos by SOPHNET. and uniform experiment are always a bit off beat (in a good way) and extremely well styled and executed, even if the plot is nonsensical. Featuring music by Japanese indie band "PAELLAS", the moody track sets a slick tone for the Fall/Winter '17 video which features effortlessly styled outfits and a pretty sweet dalmatian as well.

uniform experiment's first release for the fall/winter season is slated for July 29th through Japanese stockists while a wider release will become available at stores like HAVEN shortly thereafter. For more info on products in the video, check out the U.E previews here.