visvim® 7-Hole '73 Folk F.I.L Exclusive Veggie Black

One of the most coveted models in visvims's extensive archives, the 7-Hole '73 Folk Boot is a personal favorite. A classic jungle boot silhouette, subtly slimmed down and expertly detailed, they are far cry from their military issue ancestors. Over the years I've obsessively accumulated a number of pairs and regardless of how many I have, I find myself still wanting more. After missing a chance at the tonal black rendition released in collaboration with Black Sense Market a few years ago, I was quick to jump at the opportunity to grab these latest veggie tanned versions. This time around they feature brushed nickel eyelets, vent holes, and the signature RiRi zip side for subtle contrast. A welcome addition, visvim® opts for a lightweight Vibram wedge sole often reserved for the Virgil Boot, while the Horween black veggie tanned calf upper and Japanese kersey cloth ankle panels give them a premium feel reflected in the higher than usual price tag from previous seasons. These just released this past week, but unfortunately for those outside of Japan they are F.I.L exclusives, so you will have to do some hunting and make it down to one of their physical locations or head over to and hope they pop up on the webshop.